One of the most powerful tools we have to accomplish behavior change ,is hypnotherapy. It may sound like alternative healthcare, however since 1958 the AMA has recognized Hypnotherapy as a traditional therapeutic tool. Hypnotherapy creates a mind and body connection that can help you change old habits and create new ones. This is a crucial piece for successful, long term, changes.

Why is Hypnosis so Powerful

Only 2-8% of what & how we move through our daily lives, is done consciously. I became a certified hypnotherapist when I learned that up to 98% of what we do & how we do it, is done on a subconscious level.

As a life coach that is key information. If 98% of what we do is subconscious then it becomes imperative to have the tools necessary to work on that level. Now I do.

That gives me the ability to help my clients achieve goals and reach their desired results quicker, and more effectively than if we were only working with less than 10% of their mind that consciously directs their behaviors.

Because hypnosis is how we get 100% of what we do on the same page as what we say we want, and consciously think we want – it is an incredibly powerful tool to accomplish change.

How Hypnosis Works

It is an education and communication process that allows a person’s conscious and subconscious mind to believe the same message.

During hypnosis body and conscious mind are in a relaxed neutral state while the subconscious mind remains awake and receptive to suggestion. In this state the person suspends critical judgment and exercises selective thinking. It is an altered state of awareness with focused concentration, bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind. Therefore, there is a higher susceptibility to suggestion. Hypnosis is very safe and used by many health care professionals such as doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists and dental surgeons throughout the world on a daily basis.

Conscious & Subconscious

You may wonder what is meant by conscious and subconscious mind.

Consciously: we look, learn, listen, accept, reject, reason, judge, analyze, criticize. The conscious mind does our reasoning. It functions with words. When we’re “in” our conscious mind, we think with words. Its enforcement tool is the Will. It uses the Will to maintain self-control of our being.

Subconsciously: All body functions are run, image/idea/concepts are held here & acted out. It controls habits, long term memory, attitudes, feelings and emotions, and more. Memories are concepts/ideas/images. Habits are concepts acted out. When we think in pictures, i.e., daydreaming, we’re “in” our subconscious. The tool of the subconscious is the imagination. With it we do wonders. The subconscious is vastly more powerful because it controls our emotions and feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to align the subconscious with the conscious mind.

What Hypnosis Is Not

  • Sleep
  • Permanent
  • A person will not do anything that is against their own principles or moral standards.
  • One does not need to be in deep trance for hypnosis to be helpful. In fact, you can be 88% more alert under hypnosis!

IACT/IMDHA, is a premier association for holistic practitioners that provides a forum where members may exchange ideas, information, techniques and methodologies. IACT is an established organization that is well respected and has gained much support from physician and health care providers. Christine is a member of the IACT/ IMDHA, and past President of Michigan Association of Counselors and Therapists (MACH) which is the local chapter of IACT/IMDHA

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy AssociationIACT/IMDHA hosts an annual international conference attended by hundreds of professional hypnotherapists who meet to attend workshops on a variety of subjects. Christine Allyson has frequently been a featured speaker.

Having met the criteria and training requirements, I am proud to be a Certified Hypnotherapist with the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association®. IMDHA mandates some of the most stringent certification standards in the profession. I am a member in good standing.”

Life does not have to be perfect to be WONDERFUL

I am really pretty happy with my current life. As one of the magnets on my refrigerator says, “Life does not have to be perfect to be WONDERFUL.’ I could not have written that a year ago and you are a big part of my moving into a happier space. Thank you for being the one who got me moving along the path I am now traveling….with an emphasis on “ing.” LS