Life Coaching with Christine Allyson

Life, Health, Career

Start Shaping Your New Life Today

For those who prefer to work on an individual basis

for private, customized support to create desired life shifts.

Whether it is:

Walking the Cancer Journey
Parenting Your Parent
A Job Change
Struggling with Family Relationship Changes
Divorce: Pre and/or Post
Death of a Loved One
Simply Feeling Stuck
Needing Clarity for an Important Decision

Together we create a plan

 and work it for your success,using the same principles and process in my book “So You Want to Make a Change?” Because how we do anything is how we do everything:

we will heal and transform the past,

to thrive in the present and

create the future your heart and soul desire.

With alignment of all ‘bodies of consciousness’, there is NO power outside of you stronger than you are. Be bold! Take charge of your life! Some things are too important to do alone
“Working with Christine Allyson has truly been an absolute blessing! My husband and I met with her over several weeks, and she helped us to resolve ongoing familial matters in a loving and peaceful way. Christine is amazing at seeing all sides of a situation, helping to lay out next steps, figuring out how to discuss difficult topics with loved ones, and overall, helping a person to gain clarity and confidence to pursue their best pathway forward. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing counseling or advice in their lives, as I believe she will be as valuable to them, as she was to us.”

-Melissa R.