The following podcasts were created by Christine with Mastermind Consulting Network

Baby Boomers vs Millennials
This podcast deals with the difficulties of generational immersion in the workplace. There are currently four generations of Americans in the workplace and they all have different experiences and expectations. This podcast focuses on the Baby Boomers historical path to success and how to motivate Millennials now. Focusing on work-life balance and a sense of purpose in the workplace are the integral part of this discussion.

Baby Boomers vs Millenials in the Workplace Part 2
This podcast deals with freedom of choice in the workplace. Generationally, there are important choices to make such as: where to work, how long to stay at a job and when to retire? It will be important to leverage the strengths of all generations in order to create a harmonized workplace for the future! Live your purpose and you won’t work a day in your life.

Three Elements Necessary for Successful Change
How do we create successful change in our lives and in our organizations? If you want to make a change, there are 3 elements that are required to be successful: overcoming resistance to change by using dissatisfaction with the status quo, vision for the desired change, and action to accomplish the change. This podcast explores the transformational change model originally developed by Kathie Dannemiller, of Dannemiller and Associates and how to use it here and now in your life and work!

The Power of Choice
This Podcast helps us to maximize our use of The Power of Choice since our quality of life does not happen by accident! Developing The Power of Choice helps us use Fear as a tool by Focusing Energy to Alter Results which allows us to move forward in Love (Living Only in Vibrant Energy). Vibrant energy is living in the present, not the past or the future.

Parenting the Parent Part 1
This podcast deals with the difficult situation of how to parent our parent when they can no longer handle everything on their own. This instantly presents a challenge to multiple family members as each will be impacted differently. The podcast focuses on the ethical nature of the question along with helping you to set your own boundaries and ideally work collectively together to resolve the care taking verses care giving issue.

Parenting the Parent Part 2
This second in a series of podcasts on “Parenting our Parents” addresses situations that arise for a caregiver whose parents can no longer function independently. Discussed here are: how to move out of our expectations as children and into our best adult self, making the most of the time we have left, the importance of forgiveness, balancing our role as caregivers with our additional roles as spouses and siblings, respecting the choices our parents make, and much more.

Motivation to Change
How do you get motivated to change? In this podcast we explore how to use the power of choice to create your desired changes. Motivation provides the energy for the direction you will move. Fear can either be an argument for our limitations, or a tool to use constructively. This podcast explains how to use FEAR as a tool to focus on JOY (Journey Onward Yielding) to achieve your Vision