As author of “So You Want to Make a Change?” Christine Allyson teaches how to take the fear out of change and replace it with love of growth.

This book is for all who feel that they would like to have more power in their lives. She is committed to helping people hear their authentic voice for empowerment, which encourages them to embrace change.

You can’t think change – change demands action. Therefore, this book is designed as a workbook. Apply the tools to your specific situation so you can reach your desired goals.

In “So You Want to Make a Change?” Christine takes you on a journey. A journey from fear to love. The journey of transforming change and all the fears and resistance associated with it, to change as an opportunity for love of growth and transformation, resulting in a more successful life.

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It is our beliefs which drive our feelings, which drive our behaviors. So, what do you believe about change? According to the Universal Law of

Attraction, what we focus on expands. So, do you believe change is something to be avoided as much as possible or embraced in your life?  Is change equivalent to chaos in your life? Christine teaches: chaos is nothing more than adapting free choice, to the change that is inevitable. Change – and the energy associated with it – are constant. In fact, growth and life demand change! This is good news when you learn how to create with this energy, as you actively work through this book. Successful change and transformation demand action.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a new job, a job loss, a divorce, a marriage: any of life’s changes, large or small, individual or organizational. The tools, techniques and principles contained in this workbook are designed to make going through the change process easier, even fun. They are the culmination of over 25 years of professional and spiritual growth and development. As a Life Coach, Interpersonal Skills Trainer and Organizational Change Consultant utilizing these practices, they have been successfully applied by individuals, departments and ultimately, the corporations served by them.