“One of the most profound experiences of my life.”

Todd Gulich

Just the Best!

Christine is the person you want standing by you as you take on whatever is most important to you. I have taken on many things in the past year: a major move, new relationships, developing a new business, transforming my health. Christine has been unwavering in her commitment to relate to me as someone fully capable of reaching my goals and living my dreams. With her help I realized that recharging my own energy (spiritual, emotional and physical) allows me to give that much more to others… and to give from a joyous excess instead of draining my own reserves

I also was blessed to participate in a Vision Board event she led. The combination of focusing on specific goals, a relaxed atmosphere with much laughter and the integration of her imagineering session was truly a gift!

Hillary Norfleet

“A Life Devoted to You”

A life devoted to you. That is the best way to describe Christine. Her recent book, “So You Want To Make a Change?”, allows you to look at your life from the inside out and outside in. It lets you discover where you may be able to make changes in your life. Feeling stuck at a job, at school, with a relationship, with any problem you are facing in life, this is the book for you. It allows you to not only take in the powerful information within the book, but also interact and write down your thoughts and feelings. It is a very interactive book and really allows you to sit back and evaluate a situation that you may be in. This book with allow you to learn, but also open up your eyes to the truth of your life.

Upon purchasing Christine’s book I was actually able to meet up with her and discuss the contents within. It was an open session that allowed me to ask any questions that I had about the book and the content. Not only were we able to discuss the book, we were able to discuss life itself. Christine is full of wonderful insights on how to really make a change in your life and really live your best life. She uses her past experiences as guideposts and turns them, both positive and negative, into learning experiences. She is a passionate individual who is more than willing to help anyone who may need help making a change in their lives. If you purchase the book, I HIGHLY recommend setting up a session with Christine. “Our greatest struggles and challenges are our greatest learning experiences.” Life is, and will be, what you make of it. Start your journey with Christine, and Make a Change, big or small, to live a life you love.

Amber Laginess

Christine helped me so much

Christine helped me so much through my unique challenges. She was always available and flexible, even for last minute issues. I felt supported and she was totally present with me. I now have the tools to keep myself grounded and focused on my goals.

Lisa Buch

Highly Recommend if You’re Looking to Lose Weight

Jeff Zupancic

An Absolute Blessing

Working with Christine Allyson has truly been an absolute blessing! My husband and I met with her over several weeks, and she helped us to resolve ongoing familial matters in a loving and peaceful way. Christine is amazing at seeing all sides of a situation, helping to lay out next steps, figuring out how to discuss difficult topics with loved ones, and overall, helping a person to gain clarity and confidence to pursue their best pathway forward. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone needing counseling or advice in their lives, as I believe she will be as valuable to them, as she was to us.

-Melissa R.